Black Label Reserve Steaks 

What is Black Label Reserve?

Black Label Reserve steaks are known for their superior flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. This USDA Top Choice beef comes exclusively from Tyler Country Market’s selected herd in the Omaha area. 

Black Label Reserve steaks are hand-cut and aged for maximum taste and tenderness. These premium steaks are always graded as the top 2/3 of Choice - marbled to perfection. The steaks, including seasoning and grilling tips, arrive at your home frozen in insulated containers packed in dry ice. Each steak is individually vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness and flavor. Enjoy within five days of thawing - or store in your freezer for later use.

The Ribeyes are boneless, hand-cut, with lip on, and wet aged a minimum of 21 days for the best flavor and texture. The Filets are hand-cut and lean.  Fork tender, wet aged a minimum of 14 days for tremendous flavor and texture. The Sirloins are hand-cut, have a bold beefy flavor, and are aged a minimum of 21 days for tenderness and superior flavor.

About the Black Label Reserve herd 

The Tyler Country Market team spent ten years developing the Black Label Reserve specifications that ensure the most tender and flavorful beef that you can buy. It’s hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass/grain-fed, natural raised, and full of flavor. The Omaha area herd consists of Angus and Angus/Hereford blend cattle. No Brahman or Dairy influence in the herd’s lineage. Using the utmost of humane handling standards, the cattle pens are never more than 75% full. Calm cattle produce less adrenaline hormones resulting in more tender beef. Gently handled cattle results in less bruising - better for the animal and the consumer.