Black Label Reserve Super Sampler: Two 8 oz. Filet Mignons, Two 12 oz. Ribeyes, Two 16 oz. Sirloins - Frozen

Two 12 oz. Black Label Reserve Ribeyes AND Two 8 oz. Black Label Reserve Filet Mignons AND Two 16 oz. Black Label Reserve Sirloins from Tyler Country Market. $169 INTRODUCTORY PRICE plus shipping. Click here for the story of Black Label Reserve.

  • Boneless, hand-cut, lip on Ribeyes, aged a minimum of 21 days for maximum taste and tenderness. 
  • Hand-cut Filet Mignons, aged for a minimum of 14 days for the very best flavor and texture. Lean but full of great flavor due to the USDA Top Choice graded Midwest Beef. Fork tender.  
  • Hand-cut Sirloins, bold beefy flavor, aged a minimum of 21 days for maximum taste and tenderness. Superior flavor – our customers say you won’t find a better tasting sirloin than Black Label Reserve. 

USDA Top Choice Graded Beef from the best ranches in the Midwest.

A bottle of Tyler Country Market Steak Seasoning included with purchase.

(Individually vacuum-sealed to lock in flavor. Ships frozen in an insulated container via express shipping.